When you make the decision to go to the Kentucky Derby you need to know what you can and should wear. For men, it is very popular to wear a pinstriped suit and for women, it is all about the hats. You can choose to go with one of the many celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women and stand out among the many hats that are at the Derby this year.

This is a once a year event and for some, it is a once in a lifetime event to go to. Others attend every single year, but you have to know what the dress code is and what the traditions are. Even though you may be enjoying many mint juleps this year you should do it while you are wearing a stylish had that could be considered one of the celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women.

You can choose from a big hat, a small hat, a pink hat, a green hat, or any type of hat you want. You can choose to purchase one of the celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women or you can choose to create your own hat. Many hats will be on display at the derby and you will see many different things as you check out the average woman all the way up to the most famous of celebrities.

Many celebrities have attended the Kentucky Derby over the years and many have worn some very sleek, sexy, and even crazy hats to the derby. This is your chance to shine and wear a hat that will get you noticed like a celebrity. You will want to match this hat up to your choice of outfits and you will want to make sure you look great. Not all women can pull off every single hat so you should compare many different celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women before you choose the right one.

Start by choosing your outfit, then match the hat to the outfit you have chosen. You can also do a search online and find out what celebrities have worn in the past. This will help you get a better idea of what you are looking for in a good derby hat and you will be able to get an idea of the normal styles worn to the derby. Choosing one of the many celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women is not the easiest thing to do, but it is your chance to shine and look incredible.

You will get the chance to see all the horses and you can even place a bet on the Kentucky Derby while you are there, but the one thing you cannot do anywhere else it dresses for the occasion. You can bet on the horses without going to the derby and see pictures of them anywhere you want online, but if you want to show off your derby outfit and hat, then you need to do so at the Kentucky Derby.

The best part is that Louisville, Kentucky turns into an all-city party for the entire weekend and you can wear your hat or hats out to dinner, dancing, the riverboat casinos, and to the Derby itself. If you are struggling to decide which of the celebrity Kentucky derby hats for women you are going to wear to the Derby, then pack all your choices and wear them before and after the derby. Make it a weekend of hats!

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